Emotional abuse in the sexless marriage

February 10, 2012

Broken Heart

Some members of the ILIASM community believe that refusing to have sex with your partner is emotional abuse. Refusing intimacy can be symptomatic of an emotionally abusive relationship. In general, emotionally or verbally abusive relationships can be described as ‘walking on eggshells’. If you feel this way, in your relationship, it’s worth examining how your partner treats you in and out of the bedroom.  If your partner is refusing you and consistently tries to make it your fault or holds up impossible-to-meet standards or you find those standards constantly shifting, then sexual denial may be part of a pattern of emotional abuse.

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(Links compiled by ILIASM member Chai07)

Books on emotional and verbal abuse reviewed on ILIASM in the context of the sexless marriage:

Steven Stosny’s Love Without Hurt: Turn your resentful, angry or emotionally abusive relationship into a compassionate, loving one. Discussed by me here on ILIASM.

The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to recognise it, how to respond.  by Patricia Evans, discussed by K9SportChick on ILIASM.

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