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February 8, 2012

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..about sexless marriages and the Experience Project ILIASM Board

Where are the success stories?

Do you mean the stories where your sexless marriage turns into a satisfying and intimate relationship? These are few and far between. But there are a few people who have managed to work very hard, hold their spouse accountable and achieve a more intimate relationship.  One man who has done this is HL42  (here’s his overview) and a woman who is making strong and significant progress is ModLulu (her overview) You can read their stories to discover their journey. It wasn’t easy. And it didn’t happen overnight.

There are other stories of success, too. Success stories of people who have left their sexless marriages to find contentment alone or often with another partner in a satisfying intimate relationship.  A small number have also learned to accept their sexless marriage and have made peace with their decision.

Technical questions about the Experience Project Board.

How do I add friends:  If you like something someone has written or you feel their experience closely matches yours, then you can ‘add them to your circle’. You do this by clicking on the person’s screen name and then under their profile pic there’s a button which says “Add to Circle”. This means that you become their ‘fan’ and you’ll be able to see all of their recent public postings when you log in.

If they reciprocate, then you become ‘friends’.

There may be many people who add you to their circle and request friendship. Think carefully about this. Many members of ILIASM look at what friends they have in common and the kind of posts that person makes.

How do I edit posts?

In discussion forum posts, there’s a button which says ‘edit’. But if you make a comment on a story, there’s no ‘edit’ button. However, if you click on your text, it becomes editable.

How do I block people?

Great post describes it here.

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